Recruitment Services

Have your company ever needed to fill a position but did not have the time or expertise to do so? At Tauri Resources Group Limited we’ve made recruitment for various industries our number one priority. Our team of experts understand what it takes to work for you, and will offer you only the best we can find. We make sure to provide your business employees who are qualified for your specific needs and ready to work.

Recruitment Consulting

If you feel like your recruitment and hiring processes are not going in the right direction, you might need a pair of fresh eyes to tell you what is happening and what needs to be done. Our consulting team is composed of the best advisors whose role is to analyse and understand what makes your business run and what might be holding it back. We can help you during recruitment consulting and make sure that your needs are met.

Contractor Payroll Services

Whether you are a small or medium sized business, trying to handle payroll on your own can quickly turn into a real nightmare. The slightest mistake and you might be faced not only with tax penalties and fines, but also with unhappy employees. Leave your payroll tasks to us at Tauri Resources Group Limited and you will never have to worry about fines and penalties again. Our team knows what works best when it comes to filing taxes and our payroll service will take care of this burden for you.

Treasury Services

Here at Tauri Resources Group Limited, we know there is no viable business without a healthy treasury. Whatever the size of your business, our solutions will meet the requirements. From stand-alone application to integrated management software, our solutions will help you manage your cash flow effectively. It can limit repetitive operations which are often sources of error. Your financial data will be updated in real time, and you will be able to analyze your flows, establish your financial plans and anticipate your strategic actions.